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Green Dream Recycling Filling the Void



    Green Dream Recycling Filling the Void
    When in doubt, recycle it!

    In the current economic downturn the demand for recycled materials has dwindled. People who rely on the sale of recycled goods are not faring as well as those who collect the recycled materials.

    Green Dream Recycling is a local company which sets up and manages recycling programs for small businesses, office buildings, campuses, apartment, and condominium communities.

    The owner and operator of Green Dream recycling, Torey Mitchell, is happy with the way business is going. He stared his company about a year ago and already has over 40 clients.

    "If you are into reselling the commodities it is probably not the best time to be in the business," said Mitchell. "But at the same time if you are providing a service for people that want to participate ... there is a business out there."

    Mitchell finds and keeps clients by customizing simple recycling programs which are cost effective.  Green Dreams latest endeavor is setting up a recycling program for the historic Awalt building in the Dallas' West End.

    “We researched a number of companies, trying to find someone that was both cost effective as well as effective corporate citizens," said Karen Stanton, CFO, Five Smooth Stone Property Management. "[We] made a plan that was easy and simple for all of our tenants in the building to be able to utilize”

    The plan is simple, on every floor there is a large bin marked with what to recycle.

    The tenants then place recycled goods into the bin and Green Dream collects the recycled goods every Friday.

    One of the tenants in the building is a design studio which is now able to recycle large amounts of paper.

    Jerica Varney works at this design studio and said they used to throw away a lot of paper because of all of the drafting her company does.

    Stanton is very happy with the recycling program in the building and does not see them discounting it any time soon.

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