Young Soccer Fan Marks End of Chemo with FC Dallas Zoom Celebration

11-year old Brynn Moore completed a 40-week chemotherapy course on Monday and capped it off with a Zoom call with some of her biggest fans -- the FC Dallas soccer team

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Monday morning, 11-year old Brynn Moore walked into Cook Children's in Fort Worth for the last of her 10-month long chemotherapy treatments. By afternoon, she was celebrating on Zoom with some of the soccer players and coach from FC Dallas.

"I think I'm gonna be nervous," Moore said shyly from the backseat of her mom's minivan.

Moore was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue in her right foot. Doctors discovered the cancer because the avid soccer player had injured her foot.

FC Dallas heard about the diagnosis and last August, shortly after she started chemotherapy, invited Moore to sign a 2-day contract with the team and act as an honorary co-captain. The friendship stuck through months of treatments.

"I finished chemo," Moore told those gathered on the Zoom call as they cheered.

"We all fell in love with a strong and beautiful girl," FC Dallas Coach Luchi Gonzalez said.

"It makes me feel stronger as a person, mentally, to know they're supporting me," Moore said.

"Your positivity through this has seriously made me a happier person," FC Dallas Defender Reggie Cannon said. "I know Christ has you and I've been praying for you."

The team invited Moore to practice and a game when they are back on the field, and she is medically able.

"Honestly, it's been so great," Moore said with a smile. "I don't have words for it."

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