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Wise County Health System Seeing Surge in Hospital Admissions

Wise Health System CEO Jason Wren said encouraged people to wear masks, practice good hygiene, socially distance and avoid large crowds

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The Wise Health System is concerned that the hospital's COVID-19 unit has seen a surge in hospital admissions, reaching a single-day high of patients Friday.

In a letter posted to the hospital system's Facebook, Wise Health System CEO Jason Wren said the spike in new cases and hospitalizations mirrors what is being seen across the state.

According to the most recent data from Wise County Office of Emergency Management, the county has 27 active cases and recently reached the highest case count within the last seven days.

The situation has worsened in recent weeks.

During August and September, the hospital saw between 4 and 7 patients admitted on any given day. Those numbers started to rise beginning in late September, Wise Health spokeswoman Shannon Spann said.

As of Friday, the hospital was treating 16 COVID-positive patients — the highest single-day number.

The hospital system is also dealing with staffing surges and have had to expand the dedicated area where patients are treated.

"As COVID patients require additional time and resources for care, due to PPE and acuity levels, the staffing needs increase as well. The nursing shortage is a concern throughout Texas and the US, and affects our hospital, in a rural community, as well," Spann said. "Right now, we are able to manage effectively, but if the trend continues and hospitalizations significantly increase at our hospital throughout DFW, the impact will be significant."

The increase in hospital admissions also comes as healthcare professionals prepare for flu season, which can affect hospital bed capacity.

"Our CEO's letter was meant to communicate that we, and the rest of the state, are not yet in the clear with respect to this pandemic and to remind our community that by making a few personal sacrifices, such as wearing face masks, practicing good hand hygiene, socially distancing and avoiding large, crowded events, we can make a difference in the spread of COVID-19," Spann said.

Wise County has had a total of 838 cases of the coronavirus, 15 deaths and an estimated 795 recoveries, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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