Where is Your Stimulus Money? A Guide for Senior Citizens

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Many senior citizens are keeping a close eye on their bank accounts wondering when they will see stimulus payments.

“We know that times are tough right now. Budgets are stretched thin. People are trying to stock up on groceries or buy prescriptions three months at a time and folks on fixed incomes, that’s really, really hard,” AARP Vice President of Government Affairs Bill Sweeney said. “We are hearing all over the country, certainly in Texas how people are really trying to make ends meet right now. These checks could not come soon enough.”

AARP worked to make sure people on Social Security would get full payment if eligible.

“Every American whose income is below $75,000 per person or $150,000 for a couple will receive the full amount which is $1,200 individual or $2,400 for a couple,” Sweeney explained.

“People who receive Social Security, Social Security Disability, SSI or Veterans will receive those payments automatically,” Sweeney added. “They don’t have to fill out any additional paperwork or forms if they don’t have to file a tax return usually.”

AARP said seniors should start seeing money in the near future.

“We expect that the payments will be going to people who receive Social Security very very soon,” Sweeney added. “All they need to do is wait for the payment to come to their bank account. If they are curious, they can go to and look for that information.”

Sweeney said seniors will get the money in the same way they get current benefits. Most will get direct deposit, but a few will get paper checks. “We do want to make sure people understand there are also a lot of scammers out there who will try to steal your money. They are really looking for easy targets. Please be careful,” Sweeney said. “The IRS will never call you asking for your bank account information. None of these people will call you on the phone saying they will help you get your stimulus check faster. Please be patient. Please look at the IRS website and don’t fall for those scams.”

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