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Vulnerability Index Guides COVID-19 Response

75228 zip code in Dallas is currently the highest vulnerability

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Parkland Hospital’s Center for Clinical Innovation prepares a Vulnerability Index that Dallas County uses to guide response to COVID-19. 

The zip code area comparison is based on more than just the number of unvaccinated people in that area. Also considered are the area population age, chronic illness history, income and social characteristics.

The index information can be found here.

“We look at those numbers closely to determine which areas have not reached herd immunity or vaccination rate is low. And that is why based on that information, we are going out to those communities,” Dallas County Health Department Spokesman Christian Grisales said.

Dallas County outreach includes block walking to give residents vaccination information and pop-up vaccine clinics held at temporary locations along with the regular vaccination locations.

The latest figures show the 75228 zip code with the highest COVID-19 vulnerability.

The https://www.vaccines.gov/ website shows three pharmacies inside that zip code where vaccination were available Monday, but a total of 50 locations close to that zip code.

Most people at a Ferguson Road CVS where vaccinations were offered Monday declined to give their names but several said they had not been vaccinated.

Resident John Smith said he has been vaccinated.

“Vaccination is great but getting the public to do it is another thing. People got to do it on their own. I got mine. My doctor talked me into it. I don’t see no problem,” Smith said.

The US Food and Drug Administration gave final approval Monday to the Pfizer vaccine which is now widely available.

“That is why Dallas County is encouraging everyone to take action today so we can defeat this virus finally and go back to some kind of normality,” Grisales said.

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