Local Couple Opens Popular Cookie Brand Store During Pandemic

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Countless small businesses are struggling through the coronavirus pandemic and with no clear end in sight, it’s putting the financial squeeze on so many.

That is not the case for Marissa and Jeff Allen and their business, Cookie Society in Frisco. The two just opened their first brick and mortar cookie bakery and they say business is better than ever.

“[We] have continued to grow at a rapid rate. We had $15,000 or more orders for Christmas and business with a Fortune 500 corporation for all their grand openings,” the two said. “Most recently, [we] donated large orders to Kansas City and Dallas first responders and health care workers.”

They say it’s been a recipe for success since the beginning. Their business model of shipping nationwide and their promise to be fresh when delivered has led them to create their first brick and mortar store near Toyota Stadium.

Cookie Society

The college sweethearts say they couldn’t be more pleased that a simple idea, turned into this.

“The idea for the cookie society started about here years ago in my kitchen. My husband and I spent the summer traveling testing out different bakeries and I came home and just wanted to come up with the ultimate cookie recipe. Crunchy, chewy, soft all the above and so I was sending all the experiments to the locker room with my husband. His teammates were sending back feedback and one day there was a batch good enough to sell,” Marissa said.

Her husband Jeff recently retired from the NFL. At the time, he was playing for the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. Now, he's helping more with the day to day operation of the bakery.

As they say, the rest is history.

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