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‘It Did Not Take His Voice:' Family, Fans Remember Dallas Musician Who Died From COVID-19

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While vaccines are having real success in lowering COVID-19 cases, there’s a reminder of the heartbreak the virus is still causing for some families.

As a performer and as a person, to know Darren Eubank was to love him.

“He was such a peaceful human,” wife Brecia Eubank said.

Born and raised in Red Oak, he was the last of five adopted children.

An athlete growing up with a dream of playing professional baseball, Brecia Eubank said music led Darren down a different path.

“He genuinely cared about people and he loved music but music was just his way of connecting with people,” she said.

That connection is how he and Brecia, a dance studio owner, paid bills.

So when the pandemic hit, like many, their finances took a hit, too.

“COVID took a lot from us then, too, financially we had to hustle,” Brecia said.

How Darren made ends meet is a testament to that.

Instead of the huge crowds who came to see his band, D and Chi, play, Darren instead brought music to people who paid to see him perform in front yards and parking lots.

“Truly, Songs From The Street, that's what he called it, Songs From The Street, is what got us through,” she said.

With business at her studio bouncing back, Brecia says she thought the worst of the pandemic was behind them.

Then two weeks ago, Darren got sick.

“Of course, the test came back positive,” Brecia said.

Days later, he was rushed to Dallas Methodist hospital, put on a ventilator and less than 48 hours after being admitted, bad became the worst.

“COVID sucks, it really, really blows that this virus took the person that I love most in this world away from me. But, you know what, he wouldn't want me to be afraid of it still,” Brecia said.

Friday, she said friend and Texas Rangers Catcher Jose Trevino was expected to walk to the plate to one of Darren's songs.

Brecia says she's seen a seemingly endless stream of stories posted on social media about how Darren touched lives.

Next month, his band's new album will be released, because while COVID took his breath, “It did not take his voice, it sure did not take his voice,” Brecia said.

Funeral services for Darren are scheduled for Saturday, June 12 at 11 a.m. at The Oaks Church in Red Oak.

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