Grocery Stores Packed as North Texans Stock Up

Despite no indication of a food shortage, North Texans are stocking up

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Grocery stores were packed Friday afternoon as North Texas stocked up.

The rush comes one day after local officials declared a public health emergency because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

It also comes a day after more than a dozen North Texas school districts announced they were extending spring break by at least one week to prevent a spread of the virus.

Lines at checkout counters snaked down aisles to the back of stores from Carrollton to Pleasant Grove.

"It's kind of crazy," said customer Brock Dority.

From produce to meat, pasta to water, some shelves are bare. Others were still stocked.

Some customers said the scene became tense at times when other customers tried to cut in line.

"It's ridiculous. I mean I wish the people would run to church like they run to the grocery store," said customer Latrice Reece.

At a Walmart in Pleasant Grove, customers were seen tearing apart wrapped pallet of bottled water before employees could stock it on a shelf.

Grocery stores chains like Kroger and Central Market are responding.

"We are in a strong position to keep replenishing our shelves. Please buy what you need and leave some for your neighbor behind you," Central Martet tweeted.

Kroger's CEO Rodney McMullen said in a statement, "We believe that everyone deserves to have access to fresh, affordable food and essentials, especially in times of uncertainty. That’s why our teams are working so hard to keep our stores clean, open and stocked. That’s why we took the precautionary step on March 2 to limit the number of cold, flu and sanitary products per order…so everyone can have access to the items they need."

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