8-Year-Old Provides Hundreds of Meals for Health Care Workers in Plano

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As we approach two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, our health care workers continue addressing needs on the front lines. An 8-year-old out of Plano wants them to know they aren’t forgotten.

Alicia Carter works at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano. She said days in the hospital during a global pandemic leave very little room for downtime.

“There’s days when we don’t even have time to go eat lunch or get a meal,” said Carter.

Eight-year-old Mimi Saleh changed that, even if only for a day. Mimi wanted to do something for our health care workers. On Labor Day weekend, Mimi hit the grocery store with her parents and went straight for the produce section. Then she got to work on her lemonade stand. Not just any lemonade stand, though. This was a budding business with a purpose.

“She had cute little notes that she handwrote,” said Carter. “So cute. She put it in every single bag of food and tied it.”

Mimi raised $2,300 for roughly 1,000 meals from Bella Italia Restaurant for nurses, doctors and staff. 100% of the proceeds went toward purchasing meals for those on the front lines at Texas Health Presbyterian.

Mimi’s mom, Petra Ray, said her daughter’s altruism wasn’t a surprise at all.

“She’s always thinking of other people and ways to make them feel special. Always rooting for people who are hurting and wanted to do something for them so it didn’t surprise us that she thought of them and wanted to do something for them,” said Ray. “We just didn’t think that it would be as big as it got.”

Nurse Carter says Mimi not only fed them but provided reassurance that they’re appreciated.

“I think it just made everybody reflect about all the things there are to be thankful for. So, it just touched our hearts,” said Carter.

As for Mimi, her motivation is simple.

“It makes me feel happy,” she said.

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