Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing Site Opens at American Airlines Center

At a drive-thru -testing site at a parking lot next to the American Airlines Center, orange cones directed drivers to the first part of a 3 step phase.

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A new drive-thru testing site opened Saturday at the American Airlines Center — the first of two to coronavirus testing sites scheduled to open this weekend.

Dozens of vehicles lined up at 2500 Victory Plaza before testing began at 8 a.m. People were swabbed at the testing area, and told that results would be returned in a few days.

John, who asked that NBC5 not use his last name drove his wife who works in the medical field to the site to get tested.

They’re worried about how quickly the new coronavirus pandemic has spread.

“We’ve already talked about wills and everything else. So we don’t know. It’s scary, because this could be it, and we don’t know,” John said.

He says the testing process was a little painful for his wife.

“When you get up there they stick this long thing up your nose into your nasal cavity. My wife said that wasn’t comfortable at all, but she said it was worth it," he said. "We need to know one way or the other."

Both John and his wife are sick, but only she met the testing criteria.

To be tested, people must have a fever of 99.6 or higher, and must either be 65 or older, be a first responder, a healthcare worker or a driver for Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

Dr. Philip Huang, the director of Dallas County Health and Human Services, said the site is just one part of testing for the community.

“It continues to increase every day. There are more private and commercially available tests that people can get from their providers,” Huang said.

John says he drove more than 100 miles to find a test site. He hopes more people can get get access to testing, like his wife did Saturday.

“Everything was organized and it was done right, the process and everything," he said. "I wish they would test more people. I wish you didn’t have to meet a certain criteria."

A second location at the Ellis Davis Field House at 9191 South Polk Street in Dallas will open Sunday. The two testing sites will be active for 12 hours a day, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They have the capability of testing nearly 5,000 people each day.

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