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Denton ISD's ‘Jump Start' Program Offers Glimpse of In-Person Teaching Amid COVID-19

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Students are getting a ‘jump start’ on the school year near Denton and they’re offering a glimpse of what a return to class could look like amid COVID-19.

It’s back to class at Cross Oaks Elementary School.

Denton ISD’s summer program ‘Jump Start’ is helping a select group of elementary school students prepare for the upcoming school year.

A handful of students were seen seated in their desks, spaced out from each other, all wearing face masks on Thursday.

“The kids at first were really nervous about coming back, you could see it on their face,” said teacher Angie Marshall. “But seriously, after the first hour, you could see them kind of relax.”

Marshall says she was among the first teachers to sign up for the face-to-face program.

“Because I missed being in front of kids. I miss being around kids,” Marshall said. “I get emotional. They are my life.”

To keep them safe, there is frequent handwashing during the day, drinking fountains are off-limits, tape on the floors encourages social distancing, and there’s a maximum of eight students per classroom, according to the principal.

“Having a smaller number of students has made it more convenient to accomplish social distancing in our classrooms as well as our hallways and our common areas,” said Principal Matt Preston.

Marshall says masks can be removed outside and during breakfast or lunch breaks.

She says it appears students are adapting quickly.

“They’re taking it serious,” Marshall said.

Principal Matt Preston says parents are asked to screen their kids before sending them to school.

They’re also screened before entering and if any child shows symptoms of being ill during the school day they would be evaluated by a nurse and removed from their classroom if needed.

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