COVID-19 Infusion Center Opens in Fort Worth

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Roughly 40 people have received treatment at a new Forth Worth COVID-19 infusion center. The center is one of several throughout the state offering the antibody treatment Regeneron – the same treatment said to have been used to treat Governor Gregg Abbott.

Douglas Loveday with the Fort Worth Department of State Health Services said the purpose of the center is simple.

“It’s turned out to be a really great measure to take to keep folks from being admitted to a hospital and putting that strain on our hospital system,” said Loveday.

The infusion center is for those who’ve tested positive for COVID-19, but only have mild to moderate symptoms. Doctors referrals and appointments are required, and all patients must be at least 12-years-old and weigh at least 88 lbs. Once inside, Loveday said the treatment process is relatively quick.

“It’s an IV and it usually takes about two to three hours per person to complete this treatment,” he said.

He said some healthcare professionals have even reported improvement among patients within hours.

“There are patients who literally later that day feel 100 times better after this therapy if they were suffering mild or moderate symptoms,” said Loveday.

The Fort Worth infusion center has a 30-chair capacity and could treat up to 90 patients a day. Ultimately, Loveday said the goal is to lift and carry some of the load currently on our healthcare system.

Loveday said that there are currently six DSHS infusion centers throughout the state.

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