‘COVID-19 Clearly is on the Rise,' Says Medical City McKinney ICU Director

Dr. Rashid Rahman says the hospital continues to see a steady increase of COVID-19 cases

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According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, as of Tuesday, 6,170 people are in the hospital for COVID-19 across the state. Exactly one month ago the number was 3,628.

"We are seeing in our hospital, a steady increase in the number of cases that are coming to the ER, I understand. Just yesterday alone. On the night shift, it was just COVID, after COVID case that came in. We also see increasing numbers of cases and that are being admitted to the floors in the ICU, so COVID-19 clearly is on the rise," said Dr. Rashid Rahman, a pulmonary critical care physician and the Intensive Care Unit Director at Medical City McKinney.

He said they're noticing the similar trends of people coming in with coughs, fevers, loss of smell and taste.

“We are noticing an increased rate of elderly males get admitted. They seem to be sicker. Females for somehow seem to fare much better, so they've got some magical quality that the men don’t have," said Rahman.

Last month the hospital discharged a COVID-19 patient who was at the hospital for 103 days as he battled COVID-19.

Ceasar Ronavaz was released on Oct. 13 after he was admitted to the hospital on July 3. He tested positive for COVID, and after 12 days of being in quarantine at home, he started to experience flu-like symptoms and shortness of breath.

He was checked into the hospital and spent 81 days in the ICU.

“I was actively involved in his care. He was one of what we call a miracle patient because he not only was sick, on several occasions he almost died and amazingly recovered to the point now he's back home with his family," said Rahman.

Ronavaz received drug treatments such as Remdesivir, Dexamethasone along with Vitamin C and convalescent plasma, according to Rahman.

"He was ventilated, we kept rotating him on a regular basis, he required eventually a tracheostomy to help sustain his breathing, but by the time he left, we did see what the true wonders of modern medicine can do," said Rahman.

He said it was a team effort between doctors, nurses, and staff to help care for Ronavaz.

Pictured provided by Medical City McKinney of Ceasar Ronavaz while at the hospital

“That day, I realized how beautiful life is. Being alive is perfect,” Ronavaz said to hospital staff when he left. “Being outside reminded me how much I care about being alive.”

Doctors continue to encourage people to wash their hands, wear masks and social distance as cases continue to climb.

“We must take it seriously. This is not something to be taken lightly. I mean, this is a very serious contagious disease and now we're seeing people from all walks of our community coming in with the disease," said Rahman.

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