17-Year-Old Lancaster Girl Becomes Dallas County's Youngest Victim to Die From COVID-19

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A Lancaster girl is the youngest person to die from COVID-19 in Dallas County, health officials announced Tuesday.

Jameela Barber, 17, would have been a senior at Lancaster High School in the fall.

“I would come in class some days and I was sad or I was crying and like, and everybody else would pay no mind, but she was just that person to like, hold me, or like, wipe my tears,” said Myka Turner, Barber’s close friend.

A Lancaster girl is the youngest person to die from COVID-19 in Dallas County, health officials announced Tuesday.

Barber was a cadet leader in the ROTC and a National Honor Society inductee.

Webb said Barber committed to her studies.

She said Barber apologized to a teacher over the phone on Friday for not submitting an assignment on time.

“She said to her, ‘As soon as I feel better, because I'm feeling really, really sick, I'm going to turn in my missed assignments,’ and that baby passed away the next day,” Webb explained.

In the U.S. and China, doctors said people younger than 19 make up just 2% of reported coronavirus cases. On Monday, a 2-year-old girl was diagnosed in McKinney.

“They can get very sick from it. But generally speaking, children are not as likely as adults to have very severe disease from this infection,” said Dr. David Kimberlin, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Tuesday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Barber passed away in a hospital emergency department before she could be admitted.

“We lost a wonderful person. We lost a wonderful human being,” said Lancaster High School Principal Eleanor Webb.

Health officials said Barber had no known underlying health conditions.

Lancaster ISD Superintendent Elijah Granger said the district and city are planning a celebration of life for Barber.

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