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Sundance Square Plaza Almost Complete



    Even on Sunday, workers in hardhats are busy getting Downtown Fort Worth's new centerpiece ready for its long-awaited debut. (Published Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013)

    Workers in hardhats were busy Sunday getting Downtown Fort Worth's new centerpiece ready for its long-awaited debut. 

    The $110-million Sundance Square Plaza has been under construction since May 2012.  It’s scheduled to open November 1.

    "It's obviously going to be very nice, very family friendly,” said Jared Julian. Julian was walking by the project with his wife and admired the progress across the street.  “My wife and I met here and we look forward to coming back for years to come."

    "I love it. I'm from Fort Worth. I'm excited to be back here,” said Stephanie Julian.  “We live in Dallas now but coming to Fort Worth is always exciting and fun and I can't wait to see it.”

    What used to be mostly parking lot will be the heart of downtown's 35-block restaurant, shopping and entertainment district.  Sundance Square Plaza will host concerts, movies and fairs and be an everyday gathering spot for people who live and work around here.

    "I can't wait to get home from work and come down and enjoy this," said Linda LeFow who lives a few blocks away from Sundance Square Plaza.

    One of the focal points of the plaza is four giant umbrellas.  When they open they'll create what they call an “urban ceiling,” protecting visitors from the Texas sun.  The umbrellas come from Germany and are the only fixtures like this in the United States, according to Sundance Square.

    "Well, I just think it's genius and it speaks to the leadership here in Fort Worth that they come up with a way to increase business here, increase family fun while protecting people from these hot summers here in Texas," said Jared Julian.

    Some people heading to brunch told us as nice as the finished plaza will be, they're equally excited about all the construction being over. Of course, they took it in stride.

    "No worse than the road construction from here to Dallas. I'm used to it,” Linda LeFow said with a laugh.