Virtual Learning Workspace on a Budget

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Angelina Harper is a Kentucky mom and teacher who never imagined her simple “Tip for Distance Learning: Student Work Spaces" YouTube video would get tens of thousands of views and counting.

“It has been quite overwhelming yet exciting the response I’ve gotten from this post,” Harper said. “While overwhelming, it has helped so many others and that makes it worth it.”

Proving there are a lot of people out there looking to make a student workspace on a budget with so many students having to learn from home.

Harper isn’t the only one offering tips.

North Texas blogger and DIY enthusiast Jessica Nickerson also offered ideas.

“Pull décor from the rest of your house. It will feel seamless and like it was meant to be there, but it's basically things you are recycling from your own home,” Nickerson said.

In her 48-second video, she detailed how she built a space for her daughters with the use of furniture she bought on Facebook marketplace and some stuff she already had in her home.

“Just kind of thinking about what they would have in a classroom environment and bring those things in so that they are ready. Have them all close by so that they don’t have to move around the house the whole time,” Nickerson said.

Nickerson said you also want to make sure your child’s desk is near an outlet so they can plug their devices needed for instruction right where they are sitting.

Something that may not have been on your school supply list, but she said is working for her children are blue/yellow light glasses to protect their eyes as they are looking at screens more than ever before.

In the end, she said she spent about $150 and plans on getting some of that money back when her kids head back to school. She said she is going to be selling the desks she bought on Facebook Marketplace to the next family that may need it.

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