Last Minute Shoppers Finding Items Out Of Stock

According to a new study by Consumer Reports, 34% of shoppers are finding something they're looking for is out of stock.

 “My wife was at the store the other day and she was looking for some boots and stuff and they were sold out,” said Ted Gambordella. “So I think a lot of things are selling out.” 

A quick Internet search shows the pickings are slim when it comes to colors and sizes of J. Crew’s ruffle-front wool coat.

Looking for a Zhu Zhu pet hamster? Good luck, experts say it's not so much about timing, as it is a reflection of the economy.

Many retailers simply have leaner inventories due to the recession.

“I’m kind of worried,” said Patrick Kelly. “I have a nephew who loves video games, so the video games he wants, I might be a little late for that.
While kids with their hearts set on certain gifts may be left disappointed, retailers are heading into the holidays happy.

Early indicators show shoppers are spending more this year than last year.

 “I’ve been doing a lot of shopping online, and you really get some good prices there,” said Goambordella.

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