Lactation Goodies May Help Boost Mother's Milk Supply

Lactation cookies and other goodies are popular items among breastfeeding moms. And while they may help, experts say they're not a magic pill.

"I am asked this question all the time!" registered nurse and international board certified lactation consultant Stephanie Brown said.

Brown said many of the lactation treats do have proven milk supply-boosting ingredients, like brewer's yeast, flax and oatmeal, but she warned that some are packed with sugar and unwanted calories.

"Grab some brewer's yeast, flax or oats and add it to a smoothie with some strawberries, other nutritious things, like leafy greens, things that we can know can maybe help with her nutrients and diet," Brown said.

She stressed that a mom's milk supply is not dependent on whether or not she's eating enough of those ingredients, rather on how well the baby is nursing.  

She added that if a mother is truly concerned about her milk supply, she should talk with her doctor, midwife or lactation consultant about other factors, such as how much weight her baby is gaining, how many soiled diapers her baby produces daily or how often the baby is nursing.

"As far as eating a cookie and then making five more ounces of milk, that's probably not going to happen."

Brown recommended visiting the United States Lactation Association website for resources, as well as the city of Dallas Lactation Care Center.

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