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Uh Oh! Jerryworld Out State-of-the-Arted!



    When Cowboys Stadium opened up last year, it was not only the fanciest stadium in the universe, but Jerry Jones implied it would be the fanciest stadium in the universe for a very, very long time. It has art! And a big teevee! And overcrowding! Jerryworld was designed to be over-the-top, and to never be topped any time soon.

    But it only took one year for Jerry Jones’ masterpiece to be outdone in at least one aspect. This year, the Giants and Jets will open up their own $1.6 billion shrine of excess. And right now, that stadium has something that Jerryworld currently lacks: A chance to ignore the game while checking out other games on your phone.


    A new free app will give fans video replays, game statistics and live video from other games.

    The software will run only while at the East Rutherford, N.J., stadium, according to The Times.

    The Cowboys have nothing like that now, but they are working on mobile apps, said team spokesman Brett Daniels.

    "We're still in the early stages of the development," he said. "But we wanted to take some of the online components we've created and develop that into an app."

    But you don’t have it YET now, do you? That means Cowboys Stadium is now officially out of date. It’s useless. Jerry may as well hire an architect right now and begin planning for his stadium’s future replacement. How are the Cowboys supposed to compete with other teams when they currently lack their own proprietary smartphone app to give fans replays of games not involving the Cowboys? It’s a disgrace. The team may as well be playing at the YMCA, it’s so outmoded.

    Anyway, don’t expect the Double J to take this kind of thing lying down. He isn’t going to be out-techie’ed by those big shots up in New York. Daniels says the Cowboys could have their own app by this season. But I’m betting Jerry will go even further. Expect that app to deliver you scores and video from other games (for a $50 fee, natch), and expect that app to allow you to curse out Jason Garrett personally any time the Cowboys blow it at the goal line. Judging by the preseason, you will have ample chance to do so this year.


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