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Romo Easing Into Cowboys Camp After Back Surgery



    Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is continuing his limited work in Oxnard, Calif., while recovering from a second back surgery in the last two years.

    The 34-year old QB has been given three practices "off" in the team's first week of training camp.

    "I think the process has gone kind of how we thought," Romo said to reporters Wednesday evening. "It's a little unknown, so you'd rather play it safe than be silly and go out and do everything over and over again, and then, all of a sudden have to sit out for a week."

    Early in Cowboys training camp, Romo told the media he was getting up to four hours a day in rehabilitation work to make sure he's ready to go for Dallas' Sept. 7 opener against the San Francisco 49ers in Arlington's AT&T Stadium.

    Romo also feels he's making strides in the time he's been in Oxnard.

    "I don't think there's anything I'm limited by," said Romo. "I can do everything. The difference is just how many times or how long. For me, that's one thing you have to get to know. It's like if someone comes off an ACL or something. They have a progression that takes shape. They push it and work real hard in the morning, and then it's like, 'Can you do some in the afternoon?' And you feel like you can, so you try, and then you're like, 'Ah, I'm not quite there with that part of it yet.' And you have to continue to develop until that strengthens and gets to that point. There's consistent progress and then you just have to adjust to what your body tells you."

    Romo was on the practice field Thursday evening, and the Cowboys have Friday off from practice.

    "I think more than anything, we're playing the long game, and I think that's smart," Romo said.