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Let's Play Another Round of Who's Running This Team



    Dealing with the fallout from Felix Jones' awful day as a kick returner in Seattle would have been so easy for most of the other 31 teams in the league. 

    A question about Jones would be posed to the team's coach at his Monday press conference and the coach would respond in one of three ways. He would say that it was just a bad day for a player who retains the team's trust, he would say that the team would be evaluating the situation throughout the week or he would confirm that the team was moving in another direction. 

    The only clear exception is New England, where the question would be greeted with a variety of grunts and vague statements about things being what they are. The one common thread is that all 31 of the other teams would only speak with that one voice on the matter because the coach is at least allowed the perception that they are in charge of all football decisions. 

    That ain't the way things work in Dallas. What should have been a 15-30 second soundbite turned into three days of mixed messages from Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones about a matter that really doesn't deserve that much discussion. Garrett started by saying that the team was taking things under advisement, Double J shot back in a radio interview that Felix Jones' role wasn't changing at all and then Garrett confirmed what the owner said on Wednesday. 

    Whether or not Felix Jones is returning kicks is immaterial at this point. Heck, the running back is almost entirely immaterial. It would be nice to understand what Double J likes about him so much, but he's here and you can accept that well enough. 

    What you can't accept is the way the Cowboys choose to do business. It's not a new complaint and it isn't one that's likely to lead to the team coming up with a different way of doing business, but it's still one that needs to be sounded now and again. 

    The owner of the team shouldn't be talking about the minutae of football strategy on radio shows every week. The coach of the team shouldn't get his ability to run the team the way he wants undermined (or, even worse, appear to get undermined) every week.

    The Cowboys have been trying this style for a long time and it hasn't worked. It's time for another approach.