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Barber Optimistic He'll Play Monday



    Marion Barber rarely talks to the press. When he does, on rare occassion, it's probable he has something to say; today, outside his locker at Valley Ranch, was no exception.

    Namely, he wanted to assert that he was not only fine, but very possibly available for Monday night's showdown with Carolina.

    Asked about the MRI, Barber was characteristically soft-spoken, saying simply, "Negative."

    "I'm feeling good already," Barber continued. "Feeling good [about Monday], yep. [I've been] treating it like I'm supposed to and I'm about to go get a workout in, after I talk with y'all."

    Barber spent much of the short, silence-spangled time with reporters downplaying the severity of the injury, though he admitted that he has yet to test the quadriceps by running.

    "[It was] just like a bad cramp," said Barber. "I've been [doing] a little light workout, but I haven't really ran. I've felt it before, that's happened to me before a while back, so it felt real similar."

    Seemingly flying in the face of initial reports, Barber was adamant that, in his estimation, he would be ready to return in time for Monday night.

    "No, I'm good," Barber said. "I'm good today, I'll be good tomorrow and then up until Monday. If I'm good today, I'll be good tomorrow, and up until Monday."