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7-Eleven Coffee Drinkers Pick President for 4th Straight Time

7-Election state-by-state accuracy at 74 percent

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    7-Eleven customers vote Obama or Romney.

    For the fourth straight time, drinkers of 7-Eleven coffee have called the presidential election.

    Since 2000, the convenience store chain has kicked of election season with 7-Election -- a campaign where customers cast their "vote" for president by grabbing a coffee cup printed with the name of their candidate.

    The "unabashedly unscientific, just-for-fun" poll correctly picked the POTUS in  2000, 2004, 2008. In 2012, six million java drinkers voted with their cups -- and President Obama won with 59 percent of the vote.

    In Texas, while he didn't win the actual popular or electoral vote, Obama took the 7-Election with 57 percent of the cups sold in the state.

    What is interesting about the polling, even if only anecdotally, is that coffee drinkers correctly picked the president in 26 of the 35 states participating (including Washington D.C.) -- that's 74 percent accuracy, y'all, and that isn't too shabby.

    That accuracy rating doesn't yet include Florida since they are still, as of this writing, counting ballots. 7-Election awarded Florida to Obama. If the electoral college does the same, the prognosticative prowess of 7-Eleven coffee drinkers will climb to 77 percent accuracy.

    **It's also worth mentioning that 14 of the 16 states that didn't participate in 7-Election were won in the real election by Romney. From a comparision standpoint, it would be interesting to see how those states would have voted, coffeewise.

    Texas/7-Election Results:

    Arlington: Obama 54 percent, 46 percent
    Austin: Obama 62 percent, Romney 38 percent
    Dallas: Obama 64 percent, Romney 36 percent
    Denton: Obama 50 percent, Romney 50 percent
    Fort Worth: Obama 56 percent, Romney 44 percent
    Grapevine: Obama 38 percent, Romney 62 percent
    Hillsboro: Obama 74 percent, Romney 26 percent
    Killeen: Obama 55 percent, Romney 45 percent
    San Marcos: Obama 62 percent, Romney 38 percent
    Temple: Obama 54 percent, Romney 46 percent