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Inspection Stickers Won't Stick Around Much Longer



    (Published Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

    Texas plans to do away with vehicle inspection stickers next year, but not the inspections themselves.

    The change, set to take effect March 2015, will save the state millions of dollars and cut down on sticker fraud.

    "They're just eliminating a sticker, that's all they're doing", said Craig Shaffer with Vavoline Express Care in Irving. "I mean you still have to go through the same exact process."

    The state plans to consolidate state inspection stickers and registration stickers down to one. 

    "So, we do the initial inspection here, you'll get a passing sheet, then you can either go to the grocery store or the tax office and get your one sticker for both items — for registration and state inspection," said Shaffer.

    The state will also have a record of all vehicles that passed inspection in its computer system. Under the new change, inspections will now be required no more than 90 days before renewing vehicle registration.

    "If the vehicle is not inspected, then we will have to tell the customer that they will have to go get their vehicle inspected before they can register their vehicle," said Dallas County Tax Collector John Ames.

    The move to one sticker will save the state millions of dollars, and cut down on inspection fraud.

    "The inspection sticker are often a fraudulent sticker its very susceptible to fraud and to only have one sticker instead of two, that's less fraud that the law enforcement agencies will have to deal with" said Ames.

    The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has details about the sticker change on its website.