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Garland Police Search for Serial Robbers



    (Published Wednesday, March 12, 2014)

    Garland police are searching for two men they believe are responsible for multiple robberies.

    The first occurred at a Pizza Hut in January. The second, at DK Foot and Casual just last week.

    In both instances, investigators said the men wear the same hats, bandannas and burst into the stores pointing the same guns and demanding money.

    Brittney Young was working as the manager at DK Foot and Casual when the last robbery occurred.

    "Two guys just came in. One pointed the gun at me, the other went around the register and pointed the gun at the other girl," she said.

    Young said she did exactly as the men instructed, but what scared her is how calm the they seemed, as if they'd done this several times before.

    "Just seems kinda like if they have no fear about robbing us then it would be easy for them to pull the trigger. Like, 'Well, if I got away with robbery, I can get away with murder. They haven't caught me yet.' That's the scary part," she said.

    Officer Joe Harn with Garland police said the men could be connected to several other robberies across DFW and are asking anyone with information to come forward before the men's tactics escalate.

    "One of the things we see is if someone continues to do robberies, many times its escalates and somebody gets hurt. We've not had anybody hurt and we want to keep it that way," Harn said.

    Anyone with information is asking to call Garland Crime Stoppers at 972-272-TIPS or by computer at