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Army Worms on the March in Keller Neighborhood

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    Reports of army worm invasions are coming out of the woodwork.

    The yard-wrecking pests are turning Tommie Hixson's green lawn brown.

    "It was a green turf -- my husband takes care of the lawn -- but it's not so green anymore," she said. "They're just eating the grass, killing the lawn and making it look kind of dead-looking."

    In the past few days, the worms have wiggled their way into her northeast Keller neighborhood, attacking one luscious lawn after another.

    "They were crawling on top of each other, millions of them," Hixson said.

    Experts say army worms are after your grass, not you or your home. They recommend insecticide as the best way to get rid of the pests.

    "We had to aggressively attack the yard and take care of them," Hixson said.

    She treated her yard Thursday and said it seems to be working.

    The worms get their name from their feeding habits. They eat everything in one area and then move, as an army, to the next available food source.

    "Keep watch on your lawn," said Hixon, who waged war and likes to think she won. "Attack and kill them as soon as possible, or you are going to have a dead lawn."

    There have also been reports of army worms in Rhome and Granbury.