North Texas

Increased Risk for Wildfires This Weekend

Warm, dry weather leads to a wildfire risk in North Texas

This weekend there is an elevated risk of wildfire danger in North Texas. A cold front moving quickly towards the region will bring high winds and low humidity over areas of dried fuels/ vegetation. The rain we received last week has mostly dried out after several days of very warm and dry conditions. Severe drought conditions are present in much of the area.

The areas at greatest risk are West of Highway 281 but everything west of I-35.

The Texas A&M Forest Service is monitoring to ensure everyone is prepared for what may occur here in North Texas or across the entire state.

“Any wildfire that ignites in dormant, cured grasses may spread rapidly due to the expected high wind speeds,” said Brad Smith, Texas A&M Forest Service Predictive Services Department Head. “These wildfires may be more resistant to firefighters’ suppression efforts.”

To prepare for this weekend all of the local Texas A&M Forest Service offices will increase staff.  “Wildfires that ignite under these conditions may be difficult for firefighters to control and pose a threat to public safety. We encourage our cooperators and all Texans to be prepared and listen to warnings from local officials” said Wes Moorehead, Texas A&M Forest Service Fire Chief.

Texas A&M Forest service shares these tips:

  • Prepare multiple evacuation routes in case one is compromised by heavy smoke.
  • Assemble a go-kit that can be grabbed easily and includes the following items:
    • Supplies for both people and pets.
    • Prescription medications or other necessary medical equipment.
    • Papers and important documents such as insurance and identification documents.
    • Personal needs including food, water, clothing, money, and a first aid kit.
    • Priceless items such as photos, family heirlooms, and any other irreplaceable or valuable items.
  • Listen to local officials and, if necessary, evacuate early to get yourself out of harm’s way.
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