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Your Home Flooded, So Now What?



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    Carla English-Smith
    A flooded home in southwest Arlington.

    With the deluge of incessant rain that has fallen on North Texas over the past few days, it's possible that your home may have suffered flood damage.

    So.  Now what?

    Calverley Service Experts have jumped at the chance to offer some direction to homeowners who may have suffered a material loss in the storm. 

    Turn off all electrical switches and gas valves.  Make sure to turn off all switches (i.e. disconnects and breakers) to the heating and cooling equipment.  If your furnace or water heater was submerged, shutoff gas valves to prevent exposure to leaking gas.  

    Dry out equipment.  If the equipment was under water, open it up and allow air circulation to speed the drying process.

    Have equipment and wiring inspected.  Do not turn on flooded equipment until you have it inspected and serviced by a qualified heating and cooling contractor.  Also, have a reputable electrician or a technician from the city power company inspect your home’s internal wiring to ensure it’s dry and safe before power is reestablished to your home. 

    Don’t rush to reconnect.  If the power company gives approval to turn on the electricity in your home, but you think you may have a problem with your heating and cooling equipment, have a local heating and cooling service company disconnect the equipment from the electrical source. 

    Many factors may play into what equipment at your house is salvageable.  To help you make this determination, Calverley is offering free in-home consultations to flood victims.

    For more information, contact Calverley at 817-401-1008.