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Make Your Own Margarita Machine



    Some enterprising North Texans are putting a whole new spin on the frozen drink dispenser with a do-it-yourself version.

    One part garbage disposal, five parts cooler, add a kitchen stand and mix in some ingenuity and you the have a Texas-sized, homemade margarita machine.

    Oak Cliff resident Toby Tucker love margaritas but didn't want to spend $200 to rent a margarita maker so he went to the Internet to find out how to make a massive margarita machine at home.

    "You can order a lot of these supplies and parts online or at home depot. You can probably do this yourself for $120, $130," Toby Tucker said.

    The Ultimate Drink Maker

    [DFW] The Ultimate Drink Maker
    Make your own margarita machine, all you need it a garbage disposal and an open mind.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 8, 2010)

    Tucker attached a garbage disposal to a five-gallon cooler, mounted it on a stand, added a few pipes and had a D-I-Y margarita machine cranking out adult frozen drinks in no time.

    "I was very surprised that it worked. I didn't understand how it could work," said Doug Kennedy.

    "It's fun making it. It's a good conversation piece at parties," Tucker said.

    The margarita machine, a Tex-Mex staple, was invented in Dallas and is in the Smithsonian.