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Season Seven's Last Comic is Crowned



    Season Seven's Last Comic is Crowned
    Last Comic Standing host Craig Robinson.

    And the Last Comic Standing is…well you have to read the recap to find out, of course!  (fight the urge to scroll straight to the bottom)

    Season seven’s season finale was anything but predictable. The final five began the night by swinging gracefully onto the stage in GQ from head to toe. The suits were hot --literally! The comics were sweating bullets as they awaited the life-altering results.

    The first finalist to be eliminated was Myq Kaplan.  He graciously thanked his fans and questioned why they didn’t buy more phones. We guess the recession has prevented Kaplan fans from multiple phone purchases. Shucks!

    Last season’s winner, Dallas native Iliza Shlesinger wowed the audience with her wit and wardrobe. She took the stage in a black mini dress and nude colored pumps.  She was the first female and youngest contestant to win LCS.

    Next, Craig Robinson and his band “Nasty Delicious,” dedicated their first song to the final four comedians standing. Robinson began with an obnoxiously high pitched, “First I was afraid, I was petrified…” but before our eardrums burst, he stopped the torture and Gloria Gaynor came out to did her song right.

    To our treat, the judges each took the stage to showcase their talents. Andy Kindler was first. His few stutters and stumbles were no obstacle for his train of laughs. He suggested that there should be elimination shows for other professions like scientists- “Last Scientist Standing" -- would America have the credentials to win this one?

    Next result: Mike DeStefano lands fourth place and went out the same way he came in; on top, with his charm and foul mouth.

    Natasha Legerro was the next judge to test her chops. She expressed her resentment about being compared to Paul Abdul by labeling her a clueless drunk.

    One of the non-finalist contestants took home the first ever “Best Joke of the Year,” award; a golden rubber chicken trophy. We’re sure he will treasure it forever.

    The final judge to take the stage was Greg Giraldo. He wondered why woman can throw men out for drug and alcohol addictions but men cant through woman out for food addictions. Touché.

    The next elimination was..Roy Wood Jr.? We were stunned when the announcement was made based on Wood’s experience and performances throughout the season -- but American had spoken. He shared gratitude to the fans and gave a shout out to all the struggling road comics from the south.

    And just when you thought the night couldn’t have anymore funny surprises, along comes a fiery red head with a mouthful of rants. The final guest performance of the night was by comedian and actress Kathy Griffin. She made sure she covered all the breaking news; Lohan, Gibson, and Snookie -- great choices.

    Next,  final two contestants took the stage in performances centered around sexual failures. Esparza talked about a few times when he was rejected and Johnagan had one long story about a date gone wrong. We are sure their luck will change now that they are TV stars, right?

    Drum roll, please.

    After a long hard journey for the top prize, season seven’s Last Comic Standing is Mr. Felipe Esparza!

    You can catch Felipe and the other top five on the “Last Comic Standing” live tour this fall.