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Ketel One Too Many



    Ketel One Too Many
    Annie Potasznik
    Vodka slinger Shanna Roundtree pours some happy fuel into a nice-sized chiller for partiers.

    A small group of partiers gathered for a “branding party” at Myst Monday night. Before a grim picture of cowboys wielding hot irons in a haze of burnt skin hits you, let us explain.

    The merrymaking was in celebration of the popular brand of Ketel One vodka, which flowed for free during the event.

    It started early right at happy hour. Guests noshed on heaping plates of sandwiches, mini cheesecakes and chips and salsa from Jason’s Deli.

    Free bevs and bites aside, the party’s highlights were the saucy circus-themed performances by dancers, beats from entertainer Ro Parrish and two vodka tasting stations.

    A rhythmic gymnast performed, distracting attendees from their drinks for the duration of her routines. Ice sculptures set up through out the club slowly melted away as easily as people’s inhibitions toward the end of the party.