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Closed, Open, Closed, Open?

Club Dada closes for at least two months to update equipment, possibly renovate



    Closed, Open, Closed, Open?
    Club Dada plans to close for at least two months to update behind-the-bar equipment that health inspectors are concerned about and possibly renovate the space.

    The drama of Dada continues as owner Ben Tapiatells DC9 at Night he'll be shutting down the club for at least two months to possibly renovate and update the behind-the-bar equipment which some health inspectors have been concerned about.

    "We're gonna get this place done right once and for all," Tapia says (after some other "colorful metaphors"). The "done right" includes updating refrigerators and other rusty equipment Dada has behind the bar -- some of it almost 20-years-old.

    It won't be cheap to replace the outdated equipment, and when you add the health inspection issues to the previous TABC and fire issues that closed the club recently, it seems that Dada could go the way of the dodo if a drastic turn-around isn't accomplished during the two-month break.