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UT Austin Number One School for Hooking Up

List helps students get more bang for their tuition



    UT Austin Number One School for Hooking Up

    Extra-curricular activities are an important consideration when choosing the right college. 

    CollegeMagazine.com has helped narrow the choices down even further with its list of the top colleges for hook-ups -- perhaps more commonly reflected on (in retrospect) as sex with no strings attached.

    So who’s on top? University of Texas at Austin brings home the trophy this year -- though we assume it’s not one to flash in front of the parents.

    Meaningful one-time relationships are on the rise as campus courtships dips down, leaving many students enrolled in a different kind of sex education.

    One night stands aren’t the only thing on the minds of students nationwide, though. One seemingly redeeming finding by the National Center for Health Statistics indicates that the percentages of men and women aged 18 to 24 that are virgins are on the rise. Just not at UT Austin.

    If you are curious and want to explore the rest of the list, check out CollegeMagazine.com’s website.

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