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Fork You!

Inebriated man allegedly stabs roomie with barbecue accessory



    Fork You!
    Don't fork me, bro.

    A South Haven, Ind., resident accused of stabbing another man with a barbecue grill fork was in the Porter County Jail on Monday, arrested on a warrant for unrelated charges.

    The alleged attack happened around 8:45 p.m. Sunday in the 700 block of Heritage Road, where suspect Scott Hoskins, 48, and the victim live with several others.

    The victim told police Hoskins was drunk, slamming drawers in the kitchen and swearing, and he asked Hoskins what his problem was. The two men then shoved each other and the victim was cut with the butter knife Hoskins had been using.

    The 36-year-old then punched Hoskins in the face, he told police, and Hoskins was bleeding heavily from a cut over his eye. Then, according to the police report, Hoskins followed the man outside and was waving a barbecue grill fork at him. The man put Hoskins in a headlock, but he got an arm free and stabbed the man.

    Hoskins fled, dropping the fork in the grass near a gate.

    The victim had two puncture wounds in his shoulder from the fork and a minor cut on his abdomen from the dull knife. Police said he refused medical treatment.

    Hoskins was arrested on a warrant for felony intimidation and misdemeanor battery. Police are requesting prosecutors charge him with felony battery with a deadly weapon for Sunday's incident.