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Kicking a Cheater When He’s Down

Dallas-based ‘reality’ show interrupts kickball game



    Kicking a Cheater When He’s Down

    by Bruce Felps

    A friendly game of kickball turned into a colossal kick to the male ego, if not elsewhere, for a guy at East DallasTietze Park.

    The gentleman seen wearing the pink shirt in this video came face-to-face with a film crew from “Cheaters” and his scorned significant other, who sent Mr. Pink face-to-face with the infield dirt.

    “Cheaters” makes a living from catching up with wayward spouses and such throughout Dallas, and if you’re out on the town enough and lucky enough, you might just encounter a confrontation or two … particularly if you’re the philanderer, but then you wouldn't be so lucky.

    The Tietze scene played out like surreal cabaret. The drama, the pathos, the kickballers giggling on the sideline, the big man groveling in the dirt, her snatching him up by his collar and wagging a finger all up in his face … not exactly a Shakespearian tragedy.

    Comedy? Yeah, OK, let’s go with that.

    Some nights, though, that’s how kickball go.

    Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. This is why he doesn’t play kickball. Well, this and he’s lousy at kickball.