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Fly the Waggy Skies

Pet Airways to open Dallas route



    Fly the Waggy Skies
    Pet Airways
    You won't have to slip a pill into Fido's milk to get him on this plane. Pet Airways promises to make planning a trip with your pet much easier.

    by Bruce Felps

    Flying monkeys no longer have the monopoly on animal air travel.

    Pet Airways — a specialty carrier that caters to non-human passengers, and who knew such a thing exists? — today announced expanded routes, one of which flies into Dallas, presumaby Love Field, starting this summer.

    The airline, according to its press release, treats pets much like regular carriers treat humans, probably better in some instances. Animals fly in the main cabin, not the cargo hold, with In-Flight Pet Attendants catering to their every whim and need.

    The Pawsengers™ — yeah, that’s cute; I would have trademarked it, too — receive “lots of fresh, cool air for maximum comfort,” according to the release, because breathing leads to comfort.

    Dallas, along with Austin and Houston, brings the airline’s destinations to 13, lucky them.

    A specialty pets-only air carrier seems like a pretty good idea but, being a pet-dad, I’d want to be on the same plane as my little creature if we had to travel together. It’s his turn to buy in-flight cocktails.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. Yeah, he’s wanted to send his cat on a little trip once or twice. A one-way trip.