Fairgoers Can Talk ‘Til the “COWS” Come Home

State fair brings in portable antennas for better cell phone reception

State fair organizers are finding ways to make sure visitors have cell phone service.

In the past, the large crowds made it difficult to get a signal, especially during a football game.

"It's so many people that get in one spot," said Bob Hilburn, the fair's vice president of operations. "Everybody is on the cell phone trying to find their partners and telling them where they are."

But this year, the State Fair of Texas is getting cell phone service providers to bring their "COWS" to the fair.

COWS, or cellular on wheels, are portable antennas designed to handle thousands of calls.

Fair organizers said they hope the portable antennas will help.

"The goal is, once you enter the fairgrounds, you will still have access to technology," fair spokeswoman Sue Gooding said.

She said the units are not just about convenience. The fair wants to ensure people can also make emergency calls.

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