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Want to Earn Extra Money? There's an App for That



    Some North Texans are using an iPhone application to earn extra spending money while they're out shopping.

    Field Agent, made by a company in northwest Arkansas, has more than 125,000 "agents" in the United States.

    The app pays people to take pictures of stock at various retail stores and answer a few questions. Most jobs pay less than $10, but a few pay more.

    "I can remember one where I was paid over $16, and it was going into a convenience store and looking at different beers, Coors, Miller and looking at different ads," said Andrew Tatsak, one of the app's agents.

    Field Agent App, Make Money as You Shop

    [DFW] Field Agent App, Make Money as You Shop
    If you're looking to make money as you shop, the Field Agent app connects people who need information with the people who can get it for them.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    Tatsak, who has a full-time job in sales, said he has made close to $700 in the past two years with Field Agent.

    "The highest earning agent to date has made $3,634.75 and $2,642.25 year-to-date," said John Scott Bull, Field Agent's co-founder. "We have more than a dozen agents who have made over $2,000 in the last year."

    Tatsak said he is always looking for extra ways to make money and did a search of iPhone applications.

    "I plugged in something like 'make money,'" he said. "At first I thought it was a fluke -- 'This is just a joke.'"

    He found and downloaded Field Agent.

    "Within a few days, I started doing some jobs and was getting paid a few bucks here and there," Tatsak said. "I've made $250 this year."

    Agents search for "jobs" in the app. Once they select a job, they have two hours to complete it.

    Many of the jobs entail going into retail stores such as Walmart, Kohl's and Best Buy to check the stock of certain items.

    Tatsak earned $4 for a job that required him to check the stock of Pantene hair products at a Dallas Walmart. He snapped a photo on his iPhone and uploaded it to Field Agent and answered a few questions.

    He also earned $4.50 for photographing the stock of Heinz ketchup with the price tag included and counted the stock of the store's 4.5-quart Country Charm ice cream.

    Tatsak said he selects jobs at locations he is already going to so he doesn't spend money on gas getting to each job.

    "So if you're away from your house, it will sort by what's actually near you. ... And the great thing about it [is], you click on the map, and it will tell you where it is in relation to where you're at," he said.

    Bull said the app plans to launch an Android version in the next several months.

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    NBCDFW's Shane Allen contributed to this report.