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Weather Wednesday at Reunion Tower, Helping Kids get Interested in Weather

STEM- Reunion Tower Weather

This spring break, Reunion Tower hosted "Weather Wednesday’s." The first was March 10th with a second on March 17th.

Students participating were given a self-guided kit to help them learn about the weather from high in the sky and also get the chance to give the weather report from the GeO-Deck via a fun keepsake microphone.

The GeO-Deck is 470 feet in the sky and is the perfect location to observe the weather. Kids are almost in the clouds!

Activities like this are perfect for getting kids interested in weather and Texas is a great place to nurture an interest in meteorology. We get a variety of types of weather: tornadoes, hail, floods, Tropical storms, heat, snow and ice. Can’t make it to Reunion Tower? Just observing what is happening out of your window is also a fun activity. Kids can record their observations in a weather notebook or get an at home weather station!

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