Sightseeing in Tokyo During the Olympics

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Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun. The sun rises on the prefecture before any other place in the world.

Tokyo prefecture is home to nearly 14 million people. The rich history, deeply rooted in religious traditions, dates back centuries.

The oldest religious site in Tokyo is the Sensoji Temple which was completed in 645.

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, the site saw an estimated 30 million visitors annually.

Leading up to the temple is a long line of street shopping complete with traditional snacks, folding fans, kimonos and other Japanese souvenirs. Many of them are lucky cats. The lucky cat is a popular talisman in Japanese culture. As legend has it, the owner of the lucky cat has good fortune.

Japan is cat crazy. Athletes may want to follow a beckoning cat to bring them success. Natalie Morales looks at feline folklore and visits the temple where cats could make your wishes come true.

Next to the temple is a five-story pagoda known as the Asakusa Shinto Shrine.

About a 20-minute walk from the sounds of faith at the temple, you will find the world’s tallest, free-standing television broadcast tower, the Tokyo SkyTree. It towers more than 2,000 feet in the air.

Just like the temple, the SkyTree draws large crowds each year for its unforgettable views.

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