Meet the Mascots of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

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Meet Miraitowa and Someity, the mascots of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, respectively.

Miraitowa is based on the Japanese words “mirai” which means future and “towa” which means eternity. According to the Tokyo 2020 website, the blue and white futuristic character represents the wish that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will lead to a future of everlasting hope in the hearts of the people around the world.

The pattern of the mascot is special too. The indigo blue and pattern are a tribute to both the tradition and innovation of Japanese culture. Miraitowa’s personality is inspired by the Japanese proverb, “learn from the past and develop new ideas.” Miraitowa even has a special power that helps the mascot teleport anywhere it wants.

Someity comes from the name of the popular cherry blossom someiyoshino. In English, it loosely translates to “so mighty.” Someity has cherry blossom sensors that help with its mental and physical strength. According to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games website, Someity represents Paralympic athletes who overcome obstacles and redefine what’s possible.

Someity also has superpowers. The mascot can send and receive messages telepathically using the cherry blossom antennae on both sides of its face. The mascot can also fly using its special cloak. Much like the Paralympic athletes it represents, Someity demonstrates superhuman power.

The mascots were chosen thanks to a process with more than 75% of the elementary schools in Japan and several overseas Japanese schools.

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