The Picks: Cowboys at Eagles

It's not enough to say you're an enormous football fan and then just watch the games or play Fantasy Football every week. You've got to put a little skin in the game, dear readers, and make picks in public that open you up to being ridiculed if things don't go your way. Don't think about the downside, though. Think about the benefits you shall receive when your pigskin prognostications become the stuff of legend! Or just do it because all these other guys are doing it and you've got just as much chance of being right as they do.

Peter King ( - Cowboys 23, Eagles 18. King speaks for multitudes when he writes that he didn't want to pick this game because he doesn't like either of the teams. 

ESPN - There's a fairly surprising amount of support for the Cowboys. Three ESPN "pundits" -- Eric Allen, Mike Golic and Keyshawn Johnson -- like the Eagles, but everyone else is feeling Jason Garrett's aloof inability to handle in-game adjustments over Andy Reid's more befuddled approach.

Mike Florio and Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk - Cowboys 24, Eagles 21 (Florio). Cowboys 24, Eagles 14 (MDS).

Yahoo! Sports - Les Carpenter plots his own course by choosing the Eagles when everyone else is getting into bed with Dallas. 

Pete Prisco, - Cowboys 28, Eagles 21. Prisco calls it a playoff elimination game, which makes you wonder if the NFL secretly expanded the playoffs to 31 teams this tear.

The rest of - Like their brethren at the other media conglomerates, the CBS fellas like the Cowboys. It's six of eight over in these parts. 

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My Four-Year Old Son - "Eagles." "Why?" A long story involving something his friend did at school followed, which I'm sparing you in hopes that you'll do me the same one day. Rest assured, the story offered no insight into why the pick was made.

Me - We discussed the light schedule that lays ahead on Thursday, but it doesn't matter if the Cowboys don't win on Sunday. The situation feels quite a bit different for the Eagles, who don't even flirt with winning the way Dallas does and need some kind of housecleaning to move them past this failed moment in franchise history. The Cowboys have a little more fight left. Cowboys 19, Eagles 16 (My record: 4-4)

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