Seahawks QB: Rangers Want Me to Play Baseball

Maybe it's just leverage in his ongoing contract discussion with the Seahawks, but Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson is sure starting to talk like he wants to give professional baseball a shot at some point down the line.

Perhaps trying to play it coy, Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels, whose team owns Wilson's baseball rights, is saying the Rangers have no plans of interfering with Wilson's football career.

So which is it? Well, we might not ever know, but Wilson possibly shed some light on it in an interview with HBO's Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, which is set to premiere on Tuesday night.

In the piece, Wilson says the Rangers want him to play baseball. That being said with the consideration that Wilson's career minor league numbers, as a member of the Rockies' Class-A affiliate while in college, were less than spectacular.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be worried about the statistics of it," Wilson said. "I know I can play in the big leagues. With the work ethic and all that, I think I definitely could for sure. And that’s why the Texas Rangers, you know, got my rights. And they want me to play. You know, Jon Daniels, the GM, wants me to play. We were talkin’ about it the other day.”

Wilson has made an appearance at spring training each of the last two years, and this past spring did a bit more as far as baseball activities, including taking batting practice and hitting a homer.

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