Red Oak ISD

Red Oak Football Player's Over-the-House Catch Goes Viral

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While working out in his backyard, Red Oak High School football senior Coby Cavil made an unthinkable play, throwing a pass to himself in the front yard, running through his home to make the catch in the process.

“It took me about three tries to really get it because I had to judge the wind,” said Cavil. “After that second try, I was like I feel this one, I’m going to get this one.”

Cavil’s one catch has been watched tens of thousands of times on social media, but playmaking is nothing new for the former NBC 5 Wingstop Inside High School Sports MVP bobblehead winner, who is headed to Louisiana-Monroe to play football in the fall.

“I have a great relationship with the coaches, it was a great atmosphere, the education was right on point, and they’re going to get it all out of me,” Cavil said.

Getting it all out of Cavil, including the ability to make plays even in unthinkable creative ways, leaving his college coach pretty impressed in the process.

“He texted me and said, man, that’s crazy,” said Cavil.

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