Pass Rush Spells Trouble For Hobbling Seahawks

Riding a two-game sack streak, which began with two in Kansas City and continued with two more against Atlanta on Sunday, DeMarcus Ware will next go against a Seattle team who could be -- and has been, in several instances -- described as 'porous.'

"Ware's sack streak should continue against Seattle," trumpets the title of Tim MacMahon's Tuesday post on "Dallas Cowboys' pass rush could feast on porous Seattle OL," says the Dallas Morning News' Gerry Fraley. "Patchwork offensive line is a prime Seahawks problem," admits the Seattle Times.

Indeed. The only question, it seems, is just how many times will DeMarcus Ware and, for that matter, his mates in the pass rush, get to Matt Hasselbeck on Sunday? This is for good reason. First, Seattle's offensive line has been a woeful carousel of sorts this season with, according to the DMN's Bill Nichols' count, two different starters at center, three at left guard, three at left tackle.

At left tackle, the most crucial position to stopping the pass rush (read: Ware) the injured Pro Bowler Walter Jones has given way to a parade of the unimpressive, with Damion McIntosh, a 10-year journeyman who was cut by Kansas City in training camp, set to be the fourth attempt at answering this troubling question for the Seahawks.

Mr. McIntosh, welcome. Meet Mr. Ware. He's good and, now, he has the paycheck to prove it.

Had this been week one or two, the Cowboys might not seem such a daunting task for Seattle, as they were held without a sack; fortunately for Dallas, though, the NFL operates on a strict what-have-you-done-for-me-lately policy, and what they've done lately is triple the Atlanta Falcons' sacks-allowed total in a single game. Coming into that game, Atlanta was tied with Indianapolis and the New York Giants for the best mark in football in this regard.

"Now it's time to get to work," Ware said in Wednesday's Dallas Morning News. "I have to just keep playing like I know how, doing the same things and going out there and giving your all."

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