North Texas Athletes, Media Members Lending ‘E.A.R.' to Combat Social Injustice

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The slogan "lend us your ear" is flooding sports social media in North Texas.

"It's a really difficult time right now," said E.A.R. organizer Kelsey Charles.

"I think a lot of people are trying to navigate where they can put their time and attention. We try to take away some of the guesswork and do that for them."

The "E.A.R." campaign which stands for education, action, and reform, describes itself as "an actionable antiracism campaign" and features North Texas athletes, influencers and sports media members in Dallas/Fort Worth who have decided to not just stick to sports when it comes to social injustice but it goes beyond that as well.

"Yes, I feel strongly about racial injustice and I want to help people in that protest and stop police brutality," said reporter Dave Helman.

"I also want to help this community. I don't think those things are mutually exclusive."

"We thought, you know what, we know a lot of people and we can reach a lot of people," said 105.3 the Fan host Jeff Cavanaugh.

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"Let's get money into the hands and awareness to the organizations that are doing the work. That can be part of our contribution."

A financial contribution on the website raises funds for four local charities and organizations: Big Thought, the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, Revive Dallas Small Business Fund, and The Texas Organizing Project.

The websites are already making progress toward the campaign's financial goals.

"We're almost halfway to our first goal of $10,000, so I'm super excited about the progress we've made so far and so encouraged about the progress we'll continue to make in the coming days," Charles said.

Progress, all in the name of giving a helping hand by lending an E.A.R. and raising awareness for a cause that is creating real change.

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