Katy Durkee is December's Wingstop Athlete of the Month

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At R.L. Turner High School in Carrollton, senior Katy Durkee has mastered balancing a schedule that includes excelling as a two-sport athlete, student and volunteer.

“It’s definitely difficult, but a lot of it I rely on my family and friends,” said Durkee. “They help me work through it. My coaches work with me because they understand that I have multiple practice and multiple games to go to. Having someone you can rely on really helps.”

The Lions girls soccer and volleyball teams have relied on Katy and she has delivered, including last year, when she was named the MVP of the Turner volleyball team in a season that will go down as one of the best in program history.

“We made it to the playoffs for the first time in eighteen years,” Katy said. “We have banners on the wall and my entire team got to sign our names on the back and on the back of the trophy, which helps the younger kids say they want to do that.”

And while maintaining that success as an athlete, Katy has maintained her studies, ranked ninth in her senior class, while also tutoring elementary students for four hours every Saturday morning, and preparing to major in biology at a four-year university in the fall.

“The things that Katy and the other scholar athletes have accomplished in their short, young lives are just amazing,” said Wingstop franchise owner Rex Heckelman. “They’re outstanding students, athletes and community leaders, and Wingstop is really proud to help recognize their achievements.”

Congratulations to Katy Durkee from R.L. Turner high school, our Wingstop Scholar Athlete of the month.

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