Jerry Likes The Experience Around Garrett

With all of the staff shuffling on the Dallas Cowboys staff this year, it's already pretty confusing for players as to whom they report to and when. You have a head coach, a running game coordinator, an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator and an assistant head coach-defense, whatever that is.

It could also be a bit of a threat to Jason Garrett's power within the room, and not only because of the job titles floating around. There's also a ton of guys on the coaching staff with head coaching experience, at the NFL and college level, and that could also be seen as a threat to Garrett.

But, of course, owner Jerry Jones loves the idea, because that's just so Jerry.

“He encourages and welcomes and seeks out the idea of having those experienced head coaches involved,” Jones said at the NFL Combine, via ESPN Dallas. “You add that to Monte Kiffin and we have a staff of resources to Jason that are really impressive. For Jason’s future, to have these head coaches, these people who’ve go the experience in what they’re doing, Mike Pope included, this is the greatest way in the world to put into Jason’s computer great head coaching experience.”

Just to keep track, there's Bill Callahan, Rod Marinelli, Scott Linehan, Monte Kiffin and even wide receivers coach Derek Dooley, who's famous for wearing bright orange pants on the sideline during his days as the head coach at Tennessee.

That's a ton of big voices, and while, in theory, it could only help Garrett, that theory might have some holes in it.

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