Hamilton Chimes In On Kinsler Fiasco

Josh Hamilton can maybe breathe a small bit of relief this morning.

After being welcomed back to Texas last April with a vicious chorus of boos after his "baseball town" comments upon signing with the rival Los Angeles Angels, Hamilton became the target of about 40,000 blood-thirsty Rangers fans. While he's still the whipping boy of choice after his swipe at Rangers fans, he's now got some company in his old buddy Ian Kinsler.

Kinsler's comments, which were made public on Tuesday, ignited the emotion of everyone. Some of the stuff he said might have been true, but it was still a shock to see the things said publicly, on the record for everyone to see. Some of it was in jest, and Kinsler backtracked, but the damage was done and frankly, some of that stuff couldn't have been taken out of context like Kinsler claimed.

Hamilton quickly took the opportunity to welcome his former Rangers teammate to the "Texas doghouse," on Twitter.

We'll see who the Rangers fans dislike the most, and my bet it is it'll still be Hamilton, but for the short-term, anyway, Kinsler can probably expect the Hamilton treatment the first time he comes back to Arlington with the Tigers in July.

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