There Are Some Overrated Teams in the Preseason Top 25 Rankings

There always are, of course. The trick is figuring out who is the obvious flop. looked at the ESPN Coaches Poll and flagged five worthies.

1)LSU (#6)
2)Clemson (#9)
3)Texas (#10)
4)Wisconsin (#12)
5)Illinois (#19)

I'll quibble about LSU, but otherwise these are some great choices. The further Texas gets from the Vince Young years, the more it looks like Mack Brown has taken the program to a solid but uninspiring place. They've got talent everywhere and a veteran quarterback and some nice runners, but nothing screams "look out for these guys". Particularly in a loaded Big 12, this is a classic "I've seen how this movie ends" team. They'll be in the top 25 at the end of the year, maybe even sneak into the top 10, but leave you scratching your head about how they got there, and also why they weren't a bit better.

Clemson's the screaming red alarm of the bunch. They're a bit like Georgia, in that they play well out of the spotlight and have some really good athletes and are managed reasonably well, but shrink when the burden of national expectation arrives. Clemson just happens to shrink more spectacularly than Georgia when it does happen.

The Tigers have a superstar freshman in DaQuan Bowers along with a host of offensive stars, but they'll almost assuredly do something to eliminate themselves from contention this year. It's what they do best.

Give us some feedback, who else is overrated? Or, defend yourself from's mockery if you're a Badger or Fighting Illini fan.

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